Peter Winch
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Series: Philosophy Now
Author(s): Colin Lyas  
ISBN: 1902683021
ISBN-13: 9781902683027
Publication Date: 10/02/1999
Pages: 224 (216 x 138mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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This is the first introduction to the ideas of the British philosopher, Peter Winch (1926–97). Although author of the hugely influential The Idea of a Social Science (1958) much of Winch's other work has been neglected as philosophical fashions have changed. Recently, however, philosophers are again seeing the importance of Winch's ideas and their relevance to current philosophical concerns. In charting the development of Winch's ideas Lyas engages with many of the major preoccupations of philosophy of the past forty years. The range of Winch's ideas becomes apparent and his importance clearly underlined. Lyas offers more than an assessment of the work of one man: it introduces in a sympathetic and judicious way a powerful representative of an important and demanding conception of philosophy.


"A valuable contribution to the understanding of contemporary philosophy. Even for those who know Winch's work there is much to be gained from Lyas' essay. For those unacquainted with Winch my advice is simple: read Lyas so that you may see what you have been missing." – Philosophy

"Lyas clears up misunderstandings about Winch's best-known writings and introduces readers to a substantial body of Winch's lesser-known books and articles on ethics and aesthetics. Lyas presents Winch as a formidable and well-rounded philosopher, and his book will help establish Winch's place in twentieth-century philosophy." – History of the Human Sciences

"Written with flair, elegance and wit … suitable for a wide range of readers, particularly students of philosophy, sociology and anthropology, and indeed the human sciences more widely." – Michael McGhee, University of Liverpool

Colin Lyas was formerly Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Lancaster.

Introduction: Peter Winch, a glimpse of a life
1. "Such understanding as I have": The influence of Wittgenstein
2. "I was investigating the notion of the social": The idea of a social science
3. "Seriously to study another way of life": Understanding another society
4. "Good examples are indispensable": The ethical life
5. "The concept of God is used": The religious forms of life
6. "The interval of hesitation": Peter Winch's Simone Weil
7. "Someone willing to die for truth": Peter Winch's legacy

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