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Series: Philosophy Now
Author(s): Alan Malachowski  
ISBN: 1902683137
ISBN-13: 9781902683133
Publication Date: 30/06/2001
Pages: 224 (216 x 138mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £16.99
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Richard Rorty is notorious for contending that the traditional, foundation-building and truth-seeking ambitions of systematic philosophy should be set aside in favour of a more pragmatic, conversational, hermeneutically guided project. This challenge has not only struck at the heart of philosophy but has ricocheted across other disciplines, both contesting their received self-images and opening up new avenues of inquiry in the process.

Alan Malachowski provides an authoritative overview of Rorty's considerable body of work and a general assessment of his impact both within philosophy and in the humanities more broadly. He begins by explaining the genesis of Rorty's central ideas, tracking their development from suggestions in his early papers through their crystallization in his groundbreaking book, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. Malachowski evaluates some of the common criticisms of Rorty's position and his ensuing pragmatism. The book examines the subsequent evolution of his ideas, focusing particularly on the main themes of his second major work, Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity. The political and cultural impact of Rorty's writings on such diverse fields as feminism, cultural and literary theory, and international relations are also considered, and the author explores why Rorty's work has generally found its warmest reception in these areas rather than among mainstream philosophers.


"A spirited and subtle overview of its subject, presenting excellent accounts of Rorty's philosophical development, his vision of pragmatism, and his views on liberalism and contingency." – Political Studies

"A lively and engaging study of Rorty's philosophy, written in a personal and energetic style which is well suited to its subject ... refreshing and valuable. Malachowski offers an intelligent and sensitive reading of Rorty's work." – Matthew Festenstein, University of Sheffield

"An engaging, timely and useful book. It offers the student and general reader something that is badly needed: a wide-ranging, accessible and sympathetic introduction to Rorty's thought." – Michael Williams, Johns Hopkins University

Alan Malachowski is Honorary Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.

Preface and acknowledgements
A note on the text
1. Platonic yearnings
2. Conversation
3. Pragmatism
4. Contingency
5. Liberalism
6. Some critics
7. Rorty's legacy
Guide to further reading

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