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Series: Ancient Philosophies
Author(s): John Sellars  
ISBN: 1844650537
ISBN-13: 9781844650538
Publication Date: 30/04/2006
Pages: 224 (216 x 138mm)
Format: Paperback
Published Price: £15.99
Discount Price: £12.79
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Stoicism was one of the most influential schools of philosophy in antiquity and its influence has persisted to the present day. Originating in Athens around 300 BCE, Stoicism flourished for some five hundred years and has remained a constant presence throughout the history of Western philosophy. As one of the most popular philosophies of the Roman world, its doctrines appealed to people from all strata of ancient society - from the slave Epictetus to the emperor Marcus Aurelius.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to this great philosophical school. As well as outlining the central philosophical ideas of Stoicism, it aims to introduce readers to the different ancient authors and sources that they will encounter when exploring Stoicism. The book begins by introducing the ancient Stoics and their works. It then considers how the Stoics themselves conceived philosophy and how they formulated their own philosophical system. The core chapters examine Stoic philosophical doctrines in depth, taking each division of Stoic theory in turn: logic, physics, and ethics. The final chapter provides a fascinating account of the Stoic legacy from later antiquity to the present. The book includes a glossary, chronology and guide to further reading, which, together with its accessible yet authoritative approach, make it an ideal introduction for students and general readers.


"It's easy to recommend this book as the best introduction to the subject." – The Philosophers' Magazine

"An excellent introduction to the central themes of Stoicism." – R. W. Sharples, Philosophical Books

"Outstanding . . . Sellars has risen splendidly to the challenge of providing a new generation of students with an introduction to Stoicism. I recommend the book without hesitation. It is clearly written, well organized, and beautifully produced." – Robin Waterfield, Heythrop Journal

"A lucid, informative and thoughtful introduction to Stoicism. The book provides an overview that is both highly readable and yet based on solid academic study." – C. J. Gill, University of Exeter

"Stoicism needs a new work of this kind. Sellars not only takes good account of the last thirty years of research, he also has much of his own to contribute. I particularly applaud his focus on Epictetus and on Stoicism as an art of life." – A. A. Long, University of California, Berkeley

John Sellars is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Sources and abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. The Stoic system
3. Stoic logic
4. Stoic physics
5. Stoic ethics
6. The Stoic legacy
Guide to further reading
Index of passages

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